Jersey Jack guns and roses is the greatest music pin ever made


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Having temporarily owned a guns and roses I have to say it's probably one of the greatest music pins made. What's everyone highest score?
Sorry I can't agree. The integration / art / music is great but the game play is way to clunky. The plunge is underwhelming and usually drains and the left section is a like a messed-up spaghetti dinner. The outer loop shot on the left is a fantastic shot but thats about it. The mad multiball precess doesn't generate fun more like a grind.
I was joking 😄🤭

I do like the game, it's good in a home environment and is pretty deep, actually far more complex than avengers, however it's certainly not the greatest game of all time !

I'm not a tournament player, so can appreciate why guns isn't for everyone. I've actually really only played the standard in any depth and having played the LE for the first time over the weekend can see you point about the left lanes, it's not like that on the standard.