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Neil McRae

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Hey folks - welcome to Playpinball UK - A DOMINO Organisation system. This is a small forum mostly to talk about UK Pinball and the UK Open and other pinball events organised by folks. We expect you to be grown up. As long as you aren't being a dick you'll be fine here.
Have been waiting for my email provider to approve our use of their gateway (avoiding spam) and this just came through so some of you may have had been waiting for email if your registered before the date of this post I’ve manually approved you and now hope the email delivery is working LOL!
Ok looks good. Man when I last ran a forum the email part was the easiest. Let me know if you see any problems as I quickly set this up during my lunch break. Sure I’ve missed something.
a few folks have asked why I set this up.

Well first off its not to be a rival of the other place; its to be an alternative.

Also as you know we run PBR, Events, UK Open, Low-Reflective Glass and many other group buys and many other things (and a few new things coming) and we tried to use Facebook as alternative as I really didn't want to run a forum but unfortunately Facebook is just too fragmented thus we've set this alternative up. But we want this to be the alternative that is truly an alternative so we have a mission:

1: Give people an alternative place to talk about their favourite hobby with feedback from forum users being what drives our alternative approach and unlike the other place, nobody will be ever be discouraged for giving feedback.
2; Have a home for events ran by Pinball Republic and the DOMINO Organisation (and anyone else for that matter)
3; Have a home for the UK Open (and our soon to be announced London & SE League and UK National Event).
Hello all, came for the glass, staying for the Forum.;)

FYI to Admins. The confirmation link you get in the email for verification is pretty much invisible to colourblind people (well, for my variant anyhow). I could see the white "visit DOMINO Pinball Forums" but the button to click that is some form of grey on grey was invisible until my wife told me to "click that button"... To which i replied "what button?"
yeah there are a couple of things like that thanks for letting us know will take a look. selecting text is also weird.