Low Reflective Glass Winter 2024

Neil McRae

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Ok folks - gauging demand for another glass run towards the end of the year (December delivery).

Rough pricing £125 Standard and £170 Widebody (not bally or Gott wide body). This includes £10 donation to Pinball Republic.

Here is the process:

  1. You post here saying what you want
  2. Around September I get a final price depending on demand / Exchange Rate / Delivery cost (my 70% cut etc).
  3. November - You pay or bail - if we have 100 sheets this goes ahead, if not, it doesn't. Note. I won't chase you on this. I also need a minumum of 10 sheets of wide body.
  4. December - Glass arrives and you collect.

Just some points, we collectively take a risk on importing this, so far I've done 6 successful imports, but if we get a box of diamonds delivered then you DO NOT get your money back. Yes I could insure it but it would effectively cost more than double and thus nobody would buy the glass.

This is the best low reflective glass in the world, its uses a special US made mineral and its dual coated, it doesn't have the purple hue that many low reflective glass types have - this beats PDI, Stern, JJP, Voodoo etc.

Also it is expected that this will be delivered via the club but there is a chance that I will need to take delivery at my house in Woking.

Please post your requirements here please.

Also please don't email or text me or anything, if your requirement isn't here, it doesn't exist.

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