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Thanks to Paul for helping communicate to the community about the glass deal.

The glass has been ordered and paid for and likely arrives in few weeks. Unforunately I'm not around until after the BHW for collection. The glass will be collectable from Pinball Republic - all by appointment with me only. NOBODY at PBR other than me can give you the glass.

Also apologies for not making it clear there was a limit - this is owing to weight of the glass. However, we will aim to do another run before the end of the year.

Reminder if you haven't paid by 12:00 midnight today you are out!
1.2 Tonnes of Glass arrives Monday - I will be at the club on Thursday from 3pm until 6pm.

if you want to collect - you need to tell me you are coming and book a slot. No booking - no glass! The next opportunity for collection will likely be after the August Bank Holiday. PM me to book a slot. Please do not ask the other folks at Pinball Republic for the glass as they will not give it to you. This is to ensure that the state of the glass is well defined when handed over, we had a couple of issues last time around.
ze glass has arrived! And the great news - no damaged slices!

Lots of folks saying, why can't you add a few other sheets, or why can't someone bigger (bigger eh? :D this made me laugh) stock this. I'm sure someone in the UK will stock it, likely it will cost £200 a sheet though. Because we import at this scale I'm selling this at cost, try and find anyone anywhere on the planet that is selling this glass at the price we offer it, the US its twice the price - Unfortunately wide body drives a lot of wastage hence it's slight more expensive but still significantly cheaper than anywhere else. NOT only that. Our glass pisses all over the competition, you don't get the purple hue, the glass is beautifully beveled and the coating is double sided. I've got voodoo glass, stern low reflective glass, PDI/Roman, JJP and NONE of them are anywhere near as good as this. This shipment which is a crate with 100 sheets and a crate with 20 sheets fills the entire capacity of a van 1.2tonnes, again I'm using a low cost shipping company and you need forklifts at both ends which fortunately for us at the club our neighbour is happy to help unload for a few beers, add a van with a tail lift and forklift and add to the price, and the risk of the glass being damaged as most couriers will load and unload this. The shipper I use ships direct NON-STOP from the glass factory I use to the club. There is no limit on how many sheets I can get other than the transport but as I've stated in the past it's in multiples of 100 sheets. 120 we can do in one shipment, more than that needs another van. The forklift at the club end could barely lift this.

If you want more please post here and as soon as we hit 100 I'll order more. Given the confusion I'm only going to communicate on glass here from now on.

Times for collecting glass: - PLEASE CONTACT ME at and don't just turn up. No contact and you might not find me there!

Tuesday 26th 12-4pm

Wednesday 27th 12-4pm

Then late October as I'm in the US for 3 weeks.

Please email before coming and get a positive yes it’s ok to come.
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Sorry I’m Covid positive so can’t do anything with glass today.

I’ll be at the club from Thursday 7th 5-6
Or Sunday 10th.

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Hi Neil,
This is unlikely but do you have a spare sheet, that I could collect beginning of December?

I will be doing another glass run after the UK Open in time for xmas.
Oh, great, can you put me down for a sheet please? Would it be possible to store it until I can collect, can't always time it with the previous times. As although from London now live in Belfast
Thanks will happily pay upfront, my brother should be able to collect and store, the issue is he's insanely busy so 99 percent won't be at the time that it's required (hence why I didn't get some last time, I couldn't get over and he wasn't about)